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Which license do you need?

To be allowed to use music, you need the permission of the makers and creators of the work used. You arrange this permission through a license from Buma and Sena. This arranges the rights of the producers and creators of music. Do you want to know for certain if you need a license? Check this using the questions below.

- Is the music in your organization audible to clients and/or public?
- Do you have more than two employees who listen to music?
- Do you have a website on which music is being played?

Did you answer one of the above questions with a "yes"? Then you will need a licence. Click here to calculate the license fee and arrange a license straight away. Regarding music on your website, please contact Buma Digital and Sena Online Media.

Click on the name of the organization concerned if you would like more information on Buma or Sena.

Do you have a license via your sector organization?
You might receive an invoice from us while your music license via the sector organization already meets the requirements. If that is the case, please contact your sector organization. If you would like to participate in a collective contract with your sector organization, you can check with your sector organization if it has a contract with Buma and/or Sena.