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What type of business do you want a license for?

Hospitality industry

Businesses such as bars, restaurants, discotheques, recreational businesses, snack bars, cafeterias, (night)clubs, hotels, associations and leased sports club canteens


Businesses such as supermarkets, department stores, self-service stores, off-licences, pharmacies, garden centres, petrol stations, drugstores, hairdressers, beauticians and other shops.


This includes offices, factories, workshops, warehouses, business premises, reception areas, company restaurants and recreation rooms


Businesses such as hairdressers, physiotherapists, general practitioners, chiropractors


All businesses which do not fall under the other options. If you are not sure which one covers your business, please contact us.

Why a license?

To use music, you need permission from the makers of the music. You obtain this permission by means of a license from Buma and Sena which you can easily arrange here. The fee is partly dependent on the sector.

If your business does not fit any of the categories above, please contact us. Together we will determine if you need a license.