Do I need a music license?

Music is crucial for the ambience in your business, company or a public venue. Of course, music makers deserve a fair compensation for their work. That’s why you usually need a joint license from BumaStemra (composers/lyricists/publishers) and Sena (performers/producers) for the use of music which clients or personnel hear. These music licenses are covered by the Copyright Act and the Neighbouring Rights Act.

You need a license if:

  • the music is/becomes audible to clients and/or the public in a public space;
  • the music is/becomes audible to clients and/or the public via a website/radio/tv;
  • the music is/becomes audible to more than two employees.


Wat zijn de kosten?

Het tarief van een licentie is afhankelijk van een combinatie van:
  • de sector in which you are active;
  • The number of personnel, expressed in fte;
  • The number of spaces and m2 where the music is heard;
  • The use of music (background/entertainment);
    Do you ever have a live band or DJ performance? Then you should indicate this separately. We’ll then contact you to arrange this particular license.
  • The periode in which music is heard (continuous/season).
    Certain spaces, such as outdoor terraces, are only in use part of the year. The license fees are adjusted accordingly.

You can easily calculate the license fee yourself. Then you can immediately arrange a license by registering. If you do that yourself, you get up to 33,33% discount on your license(s) when the invoice is paid on time.

Do you have any questions? Send an email to or call 020 – 7009 099.