Who are BumaStemra and Sena

When you want to make music public, BumaStemra and Sena come in to play. These are the collecting societies that represent the makers of music and stand up for the value of the music made by them. They connect music makers with music users.

What exactly is the difference between these organisations?

BumaStemra stands up for the rights of composers, lyricists and publishers. If their music is used, they get compensation for this based on the Copyright Act. Sena represents the performers and producers. They receive compensation for their repertoire based on neighbouring rights.

A fair compensation

The license obligation for music users is regulated by law and is implemented by BumaStemra and Sena. This is done in close cooperation with their Service Centre which takes care of the administrative processing of the music licenses. BumaStemra and Sena are non-profit making. They forward the payments collected to all the rightsholders as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible costs.

BumaStemra is located in Hoofddorp and has more than 38,000 members. Sena is located in Hilversum and has more than 48,000 registered performers and producers.



Wherever music sounds, it enriches our lives.