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Conditions of use
Read these conditions of use (hereinafter: the Conditions) carefully before using this website (hereinafter: the Site). By using this Site you acknowledge that you are aware of the Conditions and that you agree to them. If you do not agree to one or more stipulations of the Conditions, you should not use this Site.

1. Changes to the Conditions
Buma and Sena retain the right to amend or change the Conditions unilaterally. By continuing to use the Site after the Conditions have been amended means that you agree to the changed Conditions. Buma and Sena may amend the contents of the Site and add or remove parts. Some applications on the Site are subject to special conditions of use. These special conditions can stipulate that they take precedence over these Conditions. These Conditions were last amended on 29 January 2008.

2. Intellectual property rights
The copyright in and other intellectual property rights to the text, illustrations and other protected material on the Site rest with Buma and/or Sena and the rightholders of that material respectively. The rights referred to are not transferred in any way whatsoever to persons who gain access to this Site.

3. Permitted use
You may only download a single copy of the material made available on the Site for your personal, non-commercial use, unless expressly stated otherwise on the Site. It is permitted to copy and use the forms and charges shown on the Site for the purpose indicated in their conditions. You may not otherwise copy, change, distribute, disseminate or use in any way the material made available without the express prior written permission of Buma and Sena. Framing the Site or parts thereof is prohibited without the express written permission of Buma and Sena. Hyperlinking is permitted as long as Buma and Sena are informed of it.

4. Liability
The information on this Site is of a general nature and is carefully put together and maintained by Buma and Sena. However, Buma and Sena cannot guarantee that the information is complete and correct. The information provided is not intended to replace expert or personal advice. Should you nevertheless use the information provided on this Site without verification or further consultation, you do so at your own risk and at your own expense.
The information provided on this Site is provided 'as is', and Buma and Sena cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any consequences, such as damage or loss of profits, as a result of the use, the reliance on or actions undertaken as a result of information on this Site.
Furthermore, Buma and Sena are not responsible under any circumstances for errors or interruptions in the functioning of the Site.
In the event of conflict between the conditions of specific products or services and these conditions, the conditions of these products or services shall take precedence.
You are fully responsible for all information you provide us with.
The Buma and Sena Site contains links to websites of third parties, over which Buma and Sena have no control. Buma and Sena do not perform any checks in connection with these websites or their contents. Using such links is entirely at your own risk. Buma and Sena accept no responsibility or liability with respect to the contents, use or availability of these websites.

5. Privacy statement
Unless stated otherwise, the personal details you enter on the Site will be used only for Buma and Sena's normal tasks and work. This data will not be issued to third parties, unless it is in connection with said activities and in conformity with your agreement with Buma and Sena. Please see the Privacy statement at the bottom of this page for more information.

The Site may use cookies. Cookies consist of standard Internet technology whereby Buma and Sena can store certain login information on the visitor's system and make it accessible. Cookies cannot be used to identify persons, only machines. You can set your computer up so that it does not accept cookies.

6 Applicable law
Buma and Sena are respectively an association and a foundation under Dutch law. By visiting the Buma and Sena Site, you agree to the application of Dutch law on disputes resulting therefrom and with judgments from the competent Dutch courts on comments, complaints and so forth in connection with visting of the Site.

Cookies are using Cookies for technical and analytical purposes. Cookies are being used to help the visitors of our website by remembering passwords, username and settings. The site also uses cookies to measure the visit to our website and to keep track of the most popular content. We never use cookies to follow your individual surfing behavior on our website or on the internet. If you do not want us to use cookies during your visit, you can disable this via the setting of your browser. Please keep in mind that the performance of the site might be less in certain aspects. More information about cookies and disabling of cookies you can find on

Privacy statement
When you visit the Site, Buma and Sena may process data from you or may gave other process data from you. This may, for instance, be data that you entered in the questionnaires or elsewhere on the website. Buma and Sena continue to respect your privacy when doing, for example, by complying with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Wherever your personal information is processed, there will be a statement saying exactly what data will be used and for which purposes. Your personal details will only be used for the purpose for which you provided them. This means, for example, that if you enter your name and address so that a particular brochure can be sent to you, this information will not be used for sending other brochures to you (unless indicated).

It also means that your details will not be used for other purposes, Data may, however, be used for tracing purposes, if criminal acts are committed or criminal statements are made via the site (and further exceptions as listed in article 23 of the GDPR).

Personal information will not be retained for longer than required for the purposes for which that information was requested. All processing of personal data will only use the information that you yourself actively provided. If so-called ‘information profiles’ are maintained, these will only be used for matching the website better to the users’ requirements and you will be notified of this beforehand. If you have any objections to your personal data being processed or if you want to adjust or remove data, you can let us know by email.

Buma and Sena retain the right to make changes to this Privacy statement. It is recommended that you check this Privacy statement regularly, so that you are aware of any changes.