Let music work for you!

Music adds value to your organization. It contributes to the total experience of your business. It results in increased turnover, a suitable ambience and higher productivity. If you play music in your organization and clients or personnel can hear the music, then you presumably need a music license for it.

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The advantages of music in your organization

  • Music gives a boost to your visitors’ and personnel’s brains
  • Music helps to create a great customer experience
  • Music is the most swinging investment in your organization
  • Check all the advantages of music on www.muziekwerkt.nl

If you request a music license yourself, then you get the following advantages:

  • 33% discount for a new request *
  • In just one go arrange the licenses for Buma and Sena

*Applies to the majority of our licenses.

Why do I pay and who for?

'You don’t go out to work because it needs to be deathly still.'
Thomas Reekers – House of Watt

'I think it’s only fitting that you have to pay for the use of music. Those artists have made a product. People also have to pay for my beer. I use their music in order to achieve something for myself. You have to reward someone for that.'

What is MijnLicentie.nl?

Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Service Centrum Auteurs- en Naburige rechten) (SCAN) is the service organization of Buma, Sena and Videma behind the online platform MijnLicentie.nl. We take care of the administrative processing of music licenses for the collecting societies Buma and Sena. Via MijnLicentie.nl you can easily apply for a music license, manage or apply for a joint invoice.

Do I need any other licenses?

If in addition to music you also use, for instance, television images, texts or visual material you probably also need a license for this too.

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