Do I need a license?

If you play music in your organization and your clients or your personnel can hear that music, then you probably need a license for it.

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Advantages of a music license:

Request a music license and you'll get the following benefits:

  • 33% discount for a new request*
  • In just one go, arrange the licenses for Buma and Sena
  • Enjoy a carefree ambience in your business

*Applies to most of our licenses.

Why do I pay and for whom?

'Music is my bread and butter'
Dimitri Roels, Vlaamsch Broodhuys

'I happily pay for using music. I don’t do illegal downloading, I’m a man of principle. I believe that a musician should be paid for music; it is and continues to be his property. One of the first things that we do when we open a new shop is arrange the music licenses for the shop.'

Who does belong to?

Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Service Centrum Auteurs- en Naburige rechten) is the service organization of Sena, Buma and Videma. We take care of the administrative processing of music licenses for Buma and Sena. So, via you can easily apply for a license and manage, or apply for a joint invoice.

Do I need other licenses?

Perhaps as well as music, you also use television images, texts or visual material for which licenses are required.




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