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  • Creates the right ambience and customer experience
  • Ensures a higher productivity
  • Gives a boost to your turnover
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Request a music license yourself and, for the majority of licenses, receive a discount of up to 33,33% if you pay on time.

About Mijn Licentie

Music is always a good investment; for example, it increases turnover and results in repeat customers. Naturally, makers of music deserve a fair compensation for this. That’s why, as a music user, you need a license from BumaStemra and Sena. On this platform you can see which license you need and what the costs are

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Here you can also immediately arrange your license, manage or request a joint invoice. Our Service Centre takes care of the complete administrative processing. They also do that for Videma, which manages the licenses for business tv-use. They are happy to assist you further!