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Please refer to the websites below for the tariffs for online radio.

Tariffs Buma/Stemra

Tariffs Sena

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You can pay per month, quarter or year. Direct debit is mandatory if you choose to pay per month.

If you decide to pay per year and you pay the invoice within 30 days, you get a 10% administration reimbursement on the total amount.

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If you want to use the tariff up to 100 slots, we need this as proof.

You can send a document from your streaming provider or if you host your own server a screenshot of the number of slots.

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You can use a new application form for this.

Click here to go to the application form page.

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More and more music is being offered online by both big and small users: from Spotify to hobbyists with an online radio station. They pay Buma/Stemra and Sena for the use of this music. Buma and Sena then redistribute that money to the rightsholders. Buma and Sena can for the most part precisely determine which song the money is intended for. A small part of the income, for instance that from the hobbyists, is distributed based on reference repertoire.

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Buma/Stemra and Sena no longer provide logos to place on websites.

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We speak of business online radio if you have a Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) registration, if you advertise or if you annually have more than 6500,- euro of relevant income.

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