Stichting UvO

The non-profit Uvo Foundation (Stichting UvO) provides copyright arrangements on behalf of Dutch publishers as well as foreign publishers, the latter represented via IPRO. The use of their content for educational purposes (mbo, hbo, university and other) is made possible by Stichting UvO, which at the same time ensures that publishers – and their authors – receive a fair remuneration for the (re)use of their work.


- Buy-off arrangements for institutions for higher and professional education

- Mediation for licenses to use larger publications

- Distribution of remunerations among all entitled publishers

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Do you want a joint invoice? Betaalt uw Buma, Sena, Videma of Reprorecht vergoedingen in één keer.


Do you use tv images? The Videma license is for tv business users. By bundling as many rights as possible into a tailored license your administrative burden is kept to a minimum.




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Almost all companies and institutions make copies from newspapers, books, magazines and digital media. The Reprorecht Foundation (Stichting Reprorecht) arranges that you can pay the reasonable fee due for this in an easy way and they distribute the fee to
the makers of
these publications.

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Pictoright grants permission for the use of the work of affiliated visual creators, in particular sculptors and architects. They also arrange collective schemes whereby image is (re)used, as in digitization projects, clippings services and portfolios with magazines.


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Lira is the organization for authors or translators, including journalists, scriptwriters and subtitlers. Lira offers licenses for digitization projects and arranges rights for the distribution of literary works that are incorporated in television programmes.


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Stichting UvO

Institutions for higher education turn to the UvO Foundation to arrange copyrights for the (re)use of (parts of) book publications, magazine articles etc., both in print readers and digital learning environments.

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